Kurt J Lesker - Board Presentation 

Yesterday our Business Manager James Hopkins, General Manager Ben White and Commercial Manager Lorna White were treated to a tour of Kurt J Lesker UK HQ facilities in Hastings. 

We found out about their 70 years of history and the importance of the work that they carry out both here in Hastings and in the USA HQ in Pittsburgh. 

James later delivered a presentation to the USA and UK Board of Directors included Mr Kurt Lesker, who had flown in for the event. 

Both organisations found that we had rich history from the 1980’s when Kurt’s sister played for Century United – Pittsburgh v Hastings United FC Womens and presented a pennant that we still have at the club today. 

Kurt, his fellow board members and family really appreciated how much detail we as a club go into to prepare for a season and the superb community work we are engaged in, especially Disability & Inclusion Football. 

Photo: USA Board, UK Board of Kurt J Lesker, James Hopkins & Ben White from Hastings United FC