Club Statement - The FA Cup

‘FA & Premier League Statement on changes to the FA Cup
from 2024-25 season onwards’

The Club joins with other Statements issued by Non-League and EFL League Clubs
in condemning the recent announcement by the FA and Premier League concerning
future arrangements for the world’s oldest and most prestigious football competition
the FA Cup. Details of the changes can be found on the FA website.
The reasoning behind the changes appears to be the easing of competitive matches
and fixture congestion for Premier League Clubs and the increase in EUFA
competitions. The decision to implement the changes was taken without any
consultation or communication to any Non-League or EFL Clubs or any other
interested parties like Football Fans and Supporters organisations. This
demonstrates a clear disregard and lack of respect for the whole football family
outside of the Premier League and other elite Governing Bodies. Further it also
demonstrates a lack of knowledge and respect for the whole football pyramid without
whose contribution to the develop of the game of football at all levels and
encompassing all football opportunities including the Women’s game and Disability
teams the very existence of elite football would not prevail.
The Premier League do not enter the competition until the 3 rd Round; there are very
few Clubs, at any level involved in UEFA competitions so where is the benefit to the
football family in curtailing what is not only an existing successful football
competition, but most importantly vital income stream for the lower echelons of
The FA has stated in part of its defence of the proposal that the Premier League will
give up to £33 million extra for lower league football to add to the £100 million
already provided; a possible total of £133million. According to published information
the Premier League has spent £2.45 Billion on transfers during the current season.
Smoke and mirrors come to mind.
The FA Cup can be a vital source of additional income for Clubs and at Hastings in
2013 we experienced and benefitted from the present system with an FA Cup reply
against Harrogate Town with an attendance of over 4000 fans for the reply game.
The FA Cup run in that year’s competition provided a significant financial contribution
to the Club’s finances. This experience has been shared by many Non-League Clubs
over the years.
The FA should now pause the introduction of the new arrangements; undertake full
and proper consultation at all levels of the football pyramid and seek a suitable and
more appropriate financial package of compensation should any change in the
competition be introduced in the future.
Statement on behalf of Hastings United Football Club