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Pagham Hastings United
Reed '
Relf '
Tibble '
Tibble '
Payne '
Hill '
Apr 18th, 20212:00pm

Sussex County Women & Girls Football LeagueJubilee Playing Field

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Sweet smell of Six-cess

Remarkable Reed and Classy Corrigan on form in victory Pagham were Pag-hammered 0-6 as Hastings Utd returned to league action in some style. The sun was out and the U’s were able to enjoy the support of fans for the first time since the resumption of football due to Pagham plying their trade at a public park, with a number of the U’s faithful making the trip. It was a game where after a hectic start, the U’s started to settle into a rhythm, where they’d get balls in behind and the wing wizards of Izzy Payne and Faye Williams... Read More