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Ryan Worrall

Shirt Number: 3
Position: Midfielder
Height: 5'9
Date of Birth: Mar 14th, 1997 (Age: 25)
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Player Biography

These have changed a lot of the years, when I was younger it was obviously becoming a footballer but now I’m really interested in going into teaching

Favourite things
Crispy m&ms and Sue’s after game day sweets

Favourite player
I love everyone in the team but me and Ben Pope just have something special

Reason for Joining Hastings
I had just got home after being away in New Zealand for 15 months, I had spoken to Stoney about finding a club and he told me he was at Hastings. Having worked with Aggy when I was younger, I know we both have the same idea about how we want to play, so for me it was really a no brainer signing for the club and signing for him