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Rebecca Relf (C)

Shirt Number: 10
Position: Central Midfielder
Height: 5'7
Date of Birth: Feb 11th, 1993 (Age: 30)
Home Sponsor:
07527 879457
Away Sponsor:
07527 879457

Player Biography

Ambitions: To be a role model both on and off the pitch to my squad members, especially the younger ones. To work hard and help push the team to success. In our first year we achieved promotion and we will strive for nothing less each coming season.

Favourite Things: The four F's: family, friends, food & football

Why did I join Hastings: The ambition and passion to promote and drive forward women's football is admirable. You'll find no where with more support than at Hastings both on and off the pitch. The facilities, staff, ground and stewards are all amazing, made even better by playing on the Pilot field with a crowd! Ps. Billy is a cracking salesman!!

Final Notes: Love this squad & club, watch this space! #COYU