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Louis Rogers

Shirt Number: 1
Position: Goalkeeper
Appearances: 43
Clean Sheets: 17
Height: 6'0
Date of Birth: Jul 25th, 1998 (Age: 24)
Home Sponsor: Guy
Gorilla Badges
07976 726891
Away Sponsor: Guy
Gorilla Badges
07976 726891

Player Biography

Ambitions: Win league with hastings and to overall improve myself there, long term my goal is to become professional and be able to play football full time.

Favourite things: Football, nice cup of coffee, a good netflix series, bit of ps4 now and then.

Favourite players: Always looked up to Manuel Neuer growing up, he in my eyes created the idea of a keeper being the 5th defender, not just being a goalkeeper. That was one main area of his that I aspired to play like. Nowadays more and more teams are introducing the idea of using the keeper more for his feet as well as keeping abilities. Ter Stegan is another keeper I look up to, because of his passing range and composure on the ball when under pressure. Me not being the tallest keeper in the world, I like to look at the likes of Casillas and Keylor Navas who are both considered ‘smaller goalkeepers’ and have made successful careers at top flight football.

Favourite part of HUFC: Everything at the club, on and off the pitch. I love the way we play football and adapt ourselves to oppositions finding ways to play whether that’s through the pitch, round it, over it, we find a way. Coaching staff are great, they all know exactly what they want, great knowledge of the game, they push us all as a team and individually, making us better players all round. Fans are great, can’t ask for any more for them. They’re loud, supportive and being even more energy to the games.

Why I joined Hastings United: I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to play men’s football at a young age, some clubs wouldn’t necessarily pick a younger keeper in the starting 11 so to have been able to play regularly as no.1 was a big step for me. The club has the determination to win the league no matter what league it is. I joined because I saw the club going places, and it has, and will continue to go places.