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Sharna Greenaway

Shirt Number: 1
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 5'2''
Date of Birth: Oct 3rd, 1992 (Age: 28)

Player Biography

Ambitions - Once lockdown ends and it's permitted I'm keen to open my business fully and grow it to be extremely successful offering sports massage, Swedish massage and nail enhancements. My ambition's to make it in the professional game however I don't have age on my side.

My favourite things : I adore spending quality time with my children, I like socialising with my friends and family. I'm in the process of teaching myself how to play the keyboard and enjoy playing music when I can as well as working on my massage and beauty business.

Favourite thing about Hastings : I love the equality the women's team have and the ethos of the club itself. The staff and volunteers never have anything but massive smiles on their faces and can't do enough for you

I Joined Hastings : I joined Hastings United after a very long break in my football career, I completed my Sport's Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage degree at University and then started a family shortly after, so it's been a long 7 years away from the game. Football itself came along at exactly right time as I was struggling with PTSD and anxiety and putting a focus on football was exactly what I needed. I haven't looked back since joining and plan to spend as many years as I can playing again at my hometown club.