A Bulletin…

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A statement was recently released about the Tilekiln Project and the 2023/24 season. In addition to publishing on the Club website the Statement was also sent to the Hastings United Fans Forum and the Hastings Independent Supporters Club. The Club will now issue Bulletins from time to time to update Fans, Sponsors and other interested parties about matters affecting the Club, including Player details and general club operations.

This is a first step in re-engaging with all our supporters and sponsors and we acknowledge that previously we have not been communicating as we all would have liked.

In releasing information we would ask that people recognise that sometimes giving an immediate response to events may not always be possible because of commercial or legal sensitivity or reasons of personal privacy. However, a response will be given when and if appropriate.

The Club has recently established a Management Committee to review and examine club operations and we welcome any suggestions on all aspects of the Club and what would enhance and improve your attendance at any of our matches. Members of the Committee are Pat McCrossan, Dave Ormerod, Billy Wood, Hayley Clout, Craig Barrow, Dave Russell, Ben White, James Hopkins, Steve Brook, Adam Smith and Bob Hodgson. Whenever possible the Club owners, Daren Burney and Peter Sherlock will also join with the group. Please feel free to have a chat with any of the Committee on a match day or e-mail the Club.

As we journey forward on what hopefully will be another fantastic season for the Men’s and Women’s teams we ask for your assistance on one matter which has recently been reported by some of our supporters, visitors and officials from other Clubs.

We at the Club know we have the best fan base in the Isthmian League and we also have the best attendance record in the League. Even at away games our army of supporters are amazing. However, it has become an increasing habit for some of the fans to chant at the opposing teams or match officials using offensive language. We have no wish to ask that chanting at the opponents or indeed officials should stop but please, please find some new, more imaginative and creative chants. Beat the drum, be LOUD and PROUD. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly club and it is great to see so many Mums and Dads with children at the games and of course all the young mascots and Academy girls and boys. They do not deserve to hear bad language. Please accept this request in the spirit in which it is intended.