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On 15th December 2022 Hastings Council agreed to task the Chief Executive to report back to Cabinet with a comprehensive report on Tilekiln relocation. 

We are disappointed that, despite numerous chasers, no communication or meaningful dialogue has been had with the Club regarding the content of this report. 

The next Cabinet meeting is 6th March; however, a report cannot be guaranteed for that meeting. The next Cabinet meeting is scheduled for 3rd April and Full Council meets on 26th April 2023.

In the past week we wrote to Hastings Borough Council to ask for their confirmation that the Report will be finished and presented to either Cabinet or Full Council by 26th April at the very latest, which we consider to be perfectly achievable. 

Yesterday we received a reply confirming the draft report has been prepared and we will be contacted to go through the report prior to it been issued to the Full Council in April.

As we have now been given the assurance that this is the case, we can confirm that we will not relocate away from The Pilot Field for the 2023/24 season.

To remain at the Pilot Field and achieve the required grading for another season will require significant expenditure and maintenance upkeep and the likelihood is that this will have a significant impact on the operations within the club; but listening to many of our supporters, the preference appears to be to stay at The Pilot Field until the new Stadium relocation. 

We also must find a solution to where all the Men’s, Boys and Girl’s Academy, Youth and Disability teams can play next season bearing in mind the current lack of pitches within the Borough.

The Club will also postpone the litigation case against the Council until the April’s Full Cabinet Committee date to allow Hastings Council to decide on the Tilekiln relocation. 

We also wish to place on record our thanks Eastbourne Borough FC for their continued assistance.

We continue to be grateful to the Club’s supporters through these challenging times and will issue further updates when possible.