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In 2019 we made the decision to bring women’s football to Hastings United, setting up a team for the 2020/21 season, a move that was long overdue.

We pride ourselves on doing things properly, so instead of just setting up a team we laid out a plan that was just as ambitious as our men’s team and in doing so made sure we provided the resources needed.

Up and down the country many women’s teams are just associated in name. The facilities do not match their men counterparts and usually the last to receive support, either by time slots or with finances. This isn’t the case at Hastings United Football Club.

Our team have received the same facilities, kit, travel and pitch as our men’s team. This might sound insignificant, but we were shocked to find out only a small minority of teams provide this, not just in this county but across the country. Our equality match with the above is just the first step into us trying to be part of the change that’s needed across the women’s game.

Right now, our team are in Step 7 of women’s football and it would be foolish of us to announce pay parity with our men’s team at this time, however we are committed to lay out a roadmap to not only improve women’s football locally but stand alongside our fellow East Sussex club, Lewes CFC and work towards pay parity in women’s football to match our ambition.

Our pledge to women’s football is to invest over the next five years in infrastructure to make football accessible for women at all ages, creating girl teams from ages 7-16 and continuing our work with Eggtooth on SheGoals on our mental health wellbeing football sessions for women from 18 years old.

We thank you for your continued support in our desire to improve women’s football.

Billy, Daren, Peter, Pat, Jo, Hayley, Ross and Craig

Hastings United Board of Directors