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A new look to represent our United culture.

Hastings United have used just like many sports associations in the town the Hastings Coat of Arms. Today we announce a brand new image that underlines our intentions, our culture and the feel of the club moving forward.

With Hastings United using the coat of arms the unique identity of the club was always in question in both a commercial and marketing aspect but most importantly the old design left us vulnerable on copyright issues. This change signals our intent to increase awareness of Hastings United and boost our marketing activity both locally and across the footballing landscape, with the new badge designed to represent the three lions on the coat of arms uniting together as one.

Billy Wood, CEO: ‚ÄúThis is a big day in the history of Hastings United, something we all have been working towards, a decision and move not taken lightly, but one that was necessary to grow our club in the manner it deserves. When we analysed what we needed to do, we grasped the feeling among the town and supporters as of late. We believe that for the first time in a long time the unique sense of pride, passion and purpose across the board, staff, volunteers, management, coaches, players and supporters is overwhelming and we wanted a badge that represented that. The concept was determined from looking at the coat of arms and saying what do the three lions represent to us? We broke it down as supporters, staff and players, with the sense of unity that lifts up this place on match days we wanted to show all those elements uniting to create ONE. That one powerful image is our message to our community, our message that together we are stronger and together we will take this club onwards and upwards.”


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