Tony Gale RIP

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All at Hastings United are saddened to hear the news of Tony passing, below are a few words from our CEO Billy Wood.

Tony Gale RIP

I was incredibly sad to hear that we lost a lifelong Hastings United supporter, Tony Gale.

A man that watched his first game on Boxing Day in 19…52, someone who had seen good times and bad but continued to come to the Pilot Field right to the end.

When I came in Windy, Tony’s son who I heard the name of scrolling through the Hastings United forum was very welcoming to me. I made it my mission on match days to try and speak to as many supporters as I could and getting time with Tony was a must.

Tony would constantly early on forget who I was which would make me and Windy laugh, but each game we would have a chat and I would urge him to bring his boots as he was going to get 10 minutes at the end of the game today. Tony would laugh at my daft jokes but one thing I would always say to him which wasn’t a joke, it was a promise really.

‘When we lift that title I want a picture with you and it!’ Tony would nod to me in approval, afterwards I would joke that would be following his very own pitch invasion!!

I feel absolutely torn to bits about a man I didn’t really know but had what I felt an incredible connection with. A man that had the club at heart and someone I felt I was representing in the board room. Tony’s passion for the club is the passion that should and will he felt around this town. I am gutted that we won’t get that picture together I promised, but when we get back to it we will do our absolute best to deliver that moment in memory of Tony Gale.

It was a pleasure to know you sir, short but sweet and I promise I will continue to work hard on delivering for your club.

At least I won’t bother you about being named sub on a Saturday.


If anyone has a story to share about Tony, please share here.

Billy Wood