Davide Rodari extends his stay at the ‘U’s

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Davide Rodari has penned an extension to his current agreement with Hastings United, and we are pleased to officially announce he will be part of the squad for the 2020/21 season.

Davide, who made his competitive debut for the ‘U’s three years ago against Corinthian Casuals, has been a constant threat for the side. He has regularly scored goals at all levels he has represented Hastings United at, and in November 2019 broke the club’s modern-day record for the most goals in a game by an individual, scoring eight vs East Grinstead in the 12-3 Velocity Sports Trophy win.

“Hastings United is my second family” said Rodari, whilst being interviewed about his contract extension. “Every time I play at The Pilot Field I feel at home and that’s because of the incredible support we get from the fans – I can’t wait to be back in action.”

Chris Agutter, Manager: “I am delighted to continue working with such an exceptional young centre forward, who we believe we can continue to help develop as a footballer. Davide is hardworking and dedicated to Hastings United, two traits that are key to being a player at this club moving forward.”

Billy Wood, CEO: “Davide embodies all the right traits in what we feel is our culture here at Hastings United. An exceptional young talent who has suffered a few setbacks, but with each one he has been determined to come back stronger than before. Davide is key for us on and off the pitch – fundamentally he is a great role model and representative of this football club. Whilst we continue our fight off the pitch, we still have to prepare for when we will be back on it and for the future. Whilst we did conclude this deal a while back, under the circumstances of the news and confusion we didn’t want such an important announcement to be lost in white noise. Davide is a U, and a U for a long while yet!”