Hastings United CEO: No magic formula behind attendance increase

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Hastings United CEO Billy Wood admitted there’s no magic formula behind the recent surge in gate numbers at The Pilot Field.

Speaking on the Non-League Show, before this week’s fixtures were suspended, Wood said: “I came to the club in September when I moved over from Eastbourne United.
“With Hastings United being my hometown club, the offer to take charge was one I couldn’t turn down.

“When I came in, I looked at activity locally and to be successful at any level of football you have to connect with your local community.

“The club has been around for a long long time and has always had around 250, at a push 500 people on matchday.

“Hastings as a town has around 100,000 people living in it. The club should be able to attract one percent of them.”
Since Wood has arrived at the club, attendance figures at The Pilot Field have nearly tripled, but Wood insists there is no magic formula causing the increase.
He said: “To do that, we’ve emphasised what we’re doing at the football club. Chris our manager has got us playing incredible football, it’s a beautiful passing game.
“We put highlights up and market the club locally and on social media.

“There’s no magic formula it’s just modernising non-league football and connecting with your local community.”
The increase in attendances at The Pilot Field has seen Hastings United become one of the biggest clubs in the county, which has delighted CEO Wood.
He said: “On the pitch we have been fantastic this season but, saying that, the club were great last season too.
“I wouldn’t just put it down to what we’re doing on the pitch. It’s more the case that people are buying in to us more now as a club. We’re creating an environment that the fans can enjoy.

“We’ve overtaken Lewes and Eastbourne Borough in terms of average gates, we’re the second most supported team in East Sussex behind Brighton which is huge.”