Match Reports

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The Club has received some questions from supporters on why there has been no match reports on the website this season to date as has occurred in previous seasons.

On the recent departure of the very hard working, and much valued to local sport, reporter Simon Newstead from the Hastings Observer, the Club has become aware that Simon will not be replaced and there will be no locally based sports reporter. if the Club wish for any news, including match reports, to be published then such need to be submitted to a central point which the Club is aware is not Hastings area based.

Previously the Club was delighted to take much of the content of Simon’s excellent match reports for its own match report publication purposes.

The above is obviously disappointing but is a sign of the times. The Argus for instance, which was always good for non league football news, now only seems to publish a small number of articles on clubs that appear no lower in the national league system than BetVictor Isthmian Premier.

The Club is pleased to advise that it has made arrangements for match reports to be prepared for placement on the website, as it has done so in the past. These match reports will also be forwarded to the Hastings Observer for publication.