Sam Beale returns!

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The Club can confirm that fans’ favourite and Isthmian League South East Division supporters’ team of the year member Sam Beale has returned to the Club.

Despite Sam’s desire to play abroad he unfortunately was unable to find a club of a suitable level so as promised, he returns to the ‘U’s for the 2019-20 campaign. ‘U’s Assistant Manager Andrew Brown commented, ‘Make no bones about it we have missed Sam in pre-season so to get him back at the Pilot Field is a very satisfying piece of business.’

Brown added, ‘We are keen to have a smaller tight-knit squad this season, so with Sam’s re-arrival it means disappointment for another player, Aaron Condon. For whatever reason it hasn’t quite clicked for Aaron and we didn’t see enough from him pre-season to justify his replacing Sam Beale in our squad.’

Brown finished, ‘It’s all happened in the past few days so we’ve kept everyone at the Club on and off the pitch on their toes with this one as far as registrations etc. go….either way we wish Aaron all the best and welcome Bealey back with open arms.’