Step 4 promotions to Step 3

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So the play off matches have been completed and have shown that even if the Club had won the play off final our 1.944 points per game average during the regular season would not have been sufficient to get us promoted.

We would in fact have been 0.03 points per game average behind Heybridge Swifts who won their play off final but finished 6th one place outside the required top 5 promoted positions which were finalised yesterday when Bromsgrove Sporting beat Corby Town to claim the 5th and final promotion place.

Let’s all hope that the farce of a points per game average calculation formula coming into play in the promotion stakes is never repeated and therefore the FA never again come up with a far fetched plan that basis promotion for play off clubs on a points per game average and super play offs. There had to have been a better way that took into account the differing strengths of divisions and the varying numbers of clubs in divisions as both of these facets have impact on the points per game average.

Our sympathy goes out to Heybridge Swifts FC and Brighouse Town AFC who won their play off final’s but were not promoted. All that hard work for nothing!

Image shown provides the finalised position as regards the 5 promoted clubs at Step 4 with Bromsgrove Sporting as said previously achieving the final promotion place yesterday.