Octopus Energy-Big Outdoors Funding

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Vote for your local community to get £8,000 funding!

Jackson Forrester a parent governor at Sandown primary school, a volunteer with the school’s Big Outdoors team and a regular at our home matches wrote to us recently to get behind this cause.

Big Outdoors is managed by three people who work tirelessly to teach children about the environment. They teach the children how to preserve their natural surroundings and how to use the natural resources available to them to build things while having fun. When they aren’t holding sessions throughout the school day, they’re running an after school club or developing the school grounds to improve the space for the children.

Big Outdoors have recently received donations of trees from environmental schemes from various sources and have planted over 500 so far! They have even organised weekends where teachers, children and parents come to get stuck in.

Jackson wrote to us because one of the tree donors; Octopus Energy, are holding a competition for environmental schemes such as this. The applicants with the most votes will receive funding from Octopus Energy which can be invested into the school.

Sandown Primary are the only applicant in the Hastings area and really need the votes in the hope of securing some funds.

We would ask any supporters/followers to vote and support this local cause.

Voting can be done on the following link https://octopus.energy/vote-for-our-community/

Thank you for your support!