Spectator behaviour responsibilities.

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The Board of Directors have recently received several complaints from other league clubs and also our own supporters about excessive swearing and antisocial behaviour coming from some of our alleged supporters during particularly away games. Most recently, we were concerned about behaviour at Phoenix Sports and excessive foul language at Herne Bay last Saturday which caused offence to many supporters, some with young children.

The Board accepts that football is a passionate game and that emotions can often run high during matches. Likewise, we are truly grateful to the many who travel to get behind the team. However, we cannot ignore when concerns are raised and ask supporters to ensure that they are familiar with our ground regulations (especially section 6-8 ) and observe them both home and away.

Any supporter ejected or banned from an away ground will automatically receive a ban from the Pilot Field. We acknowledge and thank the vast majority of our supporters for their dedication to the club and ask the supporters in question to enjoy the game but please refrain from any poor behaviour including improper chanting going forward. Any further incidents or complaints will result in bans being applied should offenders be identified.

A full list of Ground Regulations can be found @ Hastings United Football Club Ground Regulations

Pat McCrossan.
On behalf of the Board of Hastings United FC.