Dom’s Food Mission

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The Club is pleased to announce that ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ will be its main charity partner for the 2018/19 season.

‘Dom’s Food Mission’ was founded on May 13th, 2015 by husband and wife Dominic and Alexandria Warren, aiming to help feed less fortunate people and to make an impact on food waste. Below is a précis of the story of ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ to date.

A Facebook group was created, ‘Dom’s FOOD Mission’ where It is explained to the public what the Mission is. Slowly the Facebook group started to reach out to many supporters, the message being successfully heard.

Things began by arranging carpark drop offs and donation days where members of the Facebook group could donate food items to help the cause. This was brilliant, as a whole car was filled with food ready for donation to the local food bank. Doing this on a regular basis really helped boost the intake of donations to people in need and saw the Facebook group rise into the hundreds!

Slowly but surely people were noticing the cause and ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ was contacted by the local Salvation Army inquiring if any food donations were available? This formed a great relationship between both parties, which lead to an increase of support to the local community.

Within a short period, over 20 sponsors were gained, who regularly donate food and continue to provide support to this day. T-shirts, flyers, and banners were made to help spread the word and the Facebook group reached 1k members with word spreading fast.

The next success was that ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ was invited into Asda and Morrison’s supermarkets to create an instore donation day, where the public were provided with a flyer. From the items on the flyer, customers could kindly donate when finishing their shopping, which was a huge success every time and many people benefited from the publics generous donations.

The Facebook group now stands at 1.5k members and many people started to share the group. This lead to local papers and magazines including Founder Dom Warren’s employer publishing an article on their website.

To date ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ feeds over 4,000 mouths per month all from surplus and donated food items! Dom’s has won several awards including Services to the Community and the 24/7 legend award! It has donation drop off points in Asda and Morrison’s supermarkets in Hastings and ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ has signed partnerships with the likes of Morrison’s, Marks and Spencer’s, Tescos, KFC, Costa coffee, Sainsbury’s, Greggs and many more!

The Facebook group currently has 3,800 members and has celebrity support including three current ambassadors! Overall there is one amazing team! The organisation has grown from food being distributed from the boot of a car to filling 6 signed Dom’s vans feeding so many!

Both ‘Dom’s Food Misson’ and the Club thank you for reading this and remember a small donation can make a BIG difference.

Please visit the ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ website at –