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Denny Rae

Date Posted: 08/10/2019

This is Hastings lad Denny Rae who was recently a Mascot at our Manchester United v Hastings United Legends match.

He has been fighting leukaemia for 4 years, he has now relapsed for the second time after a bone marrow transplant. He also has a little sister Marley who is 3 who has been fighting leukaemia for the past 18 months.

Together they have both spent most of their short lives in hospital in incredible discomfort and pain.

There is little the doctor’s can do for Denny now and it is a choice between Palliative care to give him some quality of life for a period of time or even more aggressive chemotherapy that will make him incredibly ill with a very small chance of survival, decisions are being made.

There is one last hope which is only available in America but costs hundreds of thousands of pounds, if we can raise enough for this he may stand a chance of a future.

Alongside his family and friends we will be hosting events at Hastings United Sports and Social Club to raise funds for his treatment.

We will also be hosting a bucket collection at our Home game on Saturday 7th December to help fund his care and treatment.

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